International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition

This annual competition hosts graduate and undergraduate teams from around the world. They assume the role of a fictitious consulting company that has been tasked to solve a business ethics challenge. The teams are expected to provide detailed financial, legal, and ethical analyses of the problem and of the solution they offer.


Host: Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles (this year's competition was online)
UM Teams: The UM Ethics Society fielded two teams in the International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition and each placed 1st in its division in the "10-Minute Case Competition." Team 1 was led by the Ethics Society Vice President, Patrick Bauer, and included three other students from the Miami Herbert Business School: Katharina Auster, Daniel Menendez Lopez, and Gerianna Villanueva. UM Team 2 was led by the Society’s Debate Chair, Ali Mirza, and comprised Alec Studnik, Lauren Colaco, and Carina Landgraf.  
Presentation Topics: "Speed, Security, and Espionage: Cisco Challenges Huawei in the Race to 5G" and "Climate Activism and Sustainable Supply Chains"

IBESC 2020 UM Team


Host: Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
UM team placed 1st in 90-second round
Presentation Topic: "Pacemakers: The Heart of the Problem?"

2019 IBESC team
2019 UM Team: Christina Jayaraj, Shravya Jasti, Ali Mirza, Patrick Bauer


Venue: Boston
Presentaion Topic:
"Smartphone: Servant or Master?"
UM Team: Patrick Bauer, Akshata Gunda, Emilio Hospedales, and Sagar Sharma


Venue: Santa Monica
UM team: placed 2nd in 90-second competition
Presentation Topic: "Big Pharma, Big Karma: Price-gouging in the Epi-Pen industry"